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pharmacy store designHello, i am glad that you read this article now. Because nowadays there are all kinds of diseases in the world. And there are all kinds of diseases around the world, and more and more difficult and miscellaneous diseases, all kinds of viruses have appeared. So the all kinds of pharmacy store can play a role in the world. Because it can meet people’s basic needs. You can many pharmacy store in the street, mall and shopping center. So if you want to have your own business in this field, it is a nice idea. 

Do you want to find a modern design? If your anwser is yes. Now follow me read it. Today i am here to introduce a modern pharmacy store design for you.

About this store deisgn:

The whole store use the white and solid wood. The whole color is very simple and can let customer feel comfortable. Not only the color is nice, but also the layout is very nice. It have eight different display showcases and a table to let customer have a rest.

More detailed information about it:

This is a picture about the store furnitures:

pharmacy showcase

As you can see this picture first, it have nine different furnitures. The first one is a design that every surface hollow-carved. It can put many different medicines in it. The second one is a deisgn that have the two different cabinets. On top is a small cabinet with tempered glass and under is a small cabinet have floor. It can used to store medicines and display medicines. The third one is special arc design. On top with a tempered glass to dispaly medicines. The second row have three display showcases. Their designs are the same, but the size different. They all use tempered glass to dispaly and under have a litte cabinet. It can put some medicines you want to put it. The third low have a table let customer to have a rest, have a tempered glass showcase, It can let you choose medicines more fluently. What is more, the last one is a counter, it can put cashier to cash register. Like these furnitures you see, we have made many units and shipped to many countries.

This is another pharmacy store layout:

phramacy store design

As you also can see, the whole store looks very nice. It is different from the picture above, but also a a little bit the same. Then it have three display showcases with hollow-carved which can used to display many different medicines. And then it have two  counters and a cabinet to put cashier to cash register. What is more, It have a short cabinet can used to put some other things you want to put it.


company profie

What can we offer?

We are a professional company, and we have 11 years experience in this field. We have high trust in the world. From past to now, we shipped many furnitures to many countries. And we have many feedback customers. They all like our company’s design and the high quality materials.

All in all, i show the two deisgns for you is in order to let you know, our company can make many modern and nice designs for you according to your store size and style you want. Choose our company, not only can get some high quality furnitures and can let you put your own ideas on the furnitures you want.

Thanks your time to read this article, if you have any question, feel free contact us. We will always online to help you. Welcome inquiry!

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