Modern Customized Pharmacy Counter And Cabinets Medical Shop Display Furniture Interior Design

We all know the importance of pharmacies to us.In daily life, we will inevitably encounter some physical problems. If there is no small medicine box at home, we can only buy it at the pharmacy. Such as cold medicine, band-aid, glucose, etc. So this is a good time to open a pharmacy and make money. Once you get permission and have sufficient conditions. If you have found the right location and plan to open a pharmacy for your business. We can help you complete this project, from design to delivery.

Medical Shop Interior Design

Modern Customized Pharmacy Counter And Cabinets Medical Shop Display Furniture Interior DesignDoor description

It’s like this pharmacy store is located on the roadside and has enough space. Our designers build the new design based on customer needs. Add the green brand name and logo, green has a fresh and healthy meaning, and the color is brighter and easier to get people’s attention. The transparent glass door allows people to see the products and layout inside the store from the outside, and can quickly know the pharmacy products and services.

Interior layout

The design of the front desk can reflect the level of the pharmacy. Its color is mainly white, and the logo is added in the middle, and the logo color is changed to blue. The medicine display stand is placed around both sides of the wall, leaving enough space in between to accommodate many people. The front desk is mainly used for cashier and consulting services. It shouldn’t have much decoration, mainly based on simplicity. The ceiling lighting and decoration style are designed based on the whole pharmacy style, which creates a relaxed pharmacy atmosphere without making people feel monotonous.

  • Size: 60 square meters can create a new 3D design based on the size of your store.
  • Main material: MDF and baking paint.
  • Other material: Stainless steel, acrylic luminous LOGO, lighting, spotlights, ect.
  • Design time:4-6 working days.
  • Production time: 18-23 working days, Depending on the quantity of furniture.

Design idea

The customer found his favorite style on our website and contacted us, he told us his business plan and needs, we told him we could customize it for him, and can give him good suggestions on design. Our designer created a new 3D design based on his pharmacy floor plan and requirements, with some modifications in the process. And our designers will make the design more reasonable and better according to the customer’s ideas. So all our 3D designs are derived from the ideas of our customers and designers, so tell us your needs, and our designers will make it perfectly reflected in the design and show you!

About the Production Process

Before production, we need to make a professional 3D design. Which allows you to confirm all the details and see the whple pharmacy store effect. And our workers also produce according to the design. So the design is necessary. The first step in our production is to build the body of the furniture and bake the paint. 5 times base coat and 2 times finishing coat. Follow our drawings to produce step by step. In order to ensure that it is exactly the same as the design you confirmed. We will send production pictures and videos during this process to let you know our production process and let you rest assured.

We are professional manufacturer of pharmacy furniture, and have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. If you want to refer to other designs, please contact us and we are willing to share with you. In addition, if you want to see the whole effect of your store as soon as possible, let us make the design now, we are ready!

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