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We know that the living standards of modern people are gradually improving. There are various food supplements. Human resistance has been improved. The chance of getting sick is greatly reduced. However, the virus is constantly improving its attack power. To make people sick. It is like the new coronavirus that is endangering human life and health that has not been completely eliminated. Many people have lost their lives. Therefore, we must actively improve our own immunity. In addition to exercising every day and supplementing nutrition. You also need to consult your doctor and take some medicines when you feel unwell.

If you are planning to open a drug store and do not know how to decorate, we can provide you with solutions and such display cabinets.

The Details Of Interior Decoration

Layout Introduction

Generally speaking, the geographical location of pharmacies should be on the roadside that is easy to find. And the store has a certain area. (Because there are many types of drugs, open a pharmacy to include as many types as possible for customers to choose from.) We can see that the store is divided into two main display cabinets.

One is a display cabinet against the wall, the other is a small vertical cabinet. The main ones are display cabinets against the wall. Because it can display more medicines and is highly convenient for customers to choose. Coupled with bright white LED lights, it can help customers choose the medicine they need more quickly. A small table is also placed inside to provide consulting services to customers.

By choosing a wall cabinet, you can also place some logos and signs of your pharmacy on it. Eye-catchingly let customers know what kind of pharmacy this is.

Color Introduction

As you can see in the picture, the overall color scheme of the pharmacy is mainly white and blue. White is bright and blue is the representative of hope and vitality. Together, people can feel the cleanliness and comfort of the pharmacy. The pharmacy doesn’t need too much decoration, just simple and bright.

Material Introduction

  • Basic material: MDF
  • Surface finish: Baking paint
  • Skirting: Stainless steel
  • Others: Mirrors, light bulb, tempered glass, acrylic logo
  • Design time: About 2-3 working days
  • Production time: About 25 working days

The main material is MDF with baking paint, looking nice, right? it’s the most popular material to manufacture display kiosks. Because MDF is of usually used in the shop decoration of its flexibility. It has solid surface and can use for a long time. It is easy to process into different  shapes you want and has highly stability. Other material always includ LED light, acrylic ligo, stainless steel,ect. We will according yo your requirements to build the showcase.

How Could You Get The Display Showcases?

First, find a professional manufacture to give them your requirements. And tell the designer about your needs and ideas to let them customizing the display showcases suited your own shop. Then get the approval of big shopping mall after getting your 3D design drawing. In the end, confirm your final design drawing and you will receive your cabinets successfully when the transportation finished.

If you worried about you couldn’t handle these, UNIQUE can provide you with one-stop services.

Please let us know what you want.

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