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pharmacy cabinetPharmacy store furniture is not only to display medicines, but also decorate the shop in a good way. Usually, the pharmacy store furniture includes a display shelf, wall stand, center display rack, reception counter, check out counter. Brand logo and posters also very important for a street shop. Here is a pharmacy store furniture sharing with you.

White and wood veneer pharmacy display

This pharmacy store is 120 square meters and has 3 individual rooms as consulting room and laboratory room. We total to make 4 design solutions to choose from. And the owner chooses this as the final design. Besides, we make adjustments according to customers’ new ideas. So the design part lasts for 3 weeks.

pharmacy retal counter

We divide the store into 4 parts so that we can clearly confirm the design requirements of each part.

pharmacy store design

1. Entrance

The entrance is every people enter into the room, so we place a brand logo on the wall. And seating sofa set here, so people can sit down while waiting for treatment. There are two lightboxes on the two sides, shows the business and service directly. So we can update the lightboxes the new design drawing

2. Consulting room and  Laboratory room

The individual room near the entrance is for consulting room. It has a frosted glass wall and door, so no one can see it from outside. It can protect the privacy of the patient during the consultation. While the inside the room is for the laboratory. Doctors can do experiments here.

pharmacy retail counter

3. Display area

The right side mainly has display shelves to display medicines. 3 pharmacy display shelf in front of a wall with moveable layers. We can adjust its fit for products. There are two double-side pharmacy display shelves in the center area. While front side is a small pharmacy display counter with double side slat wall display and ends shelves. Very convenient to use.

4. Working area

Working counters set inside rooms. It is mainly for prepares the medicines needed and patients pay for it and pick up products here. It also has 3 white display shelves with a light lamp and two operate counters with printers and lock drawers. While the back wall decorates with a large brand logo.

pharmacy booth

Service counter in Pharmacy store

As we can see it has a large service counter with a POS system. It is a separate working area and display area. Clients pay bills here and get medicines here. So we add a display shelf in front of it while the backside is lock cabinets with a slat wall display for plastic bags

Design Information

Firstly, we confirm the new design details with customers. Includes size, color, material, style, etc. Then, our designer makes 3D design drawings based on customers’ requirements. Professional design service needs $600 and views as part of the total amount. Finally, the customer confirms the design drawing. Small changes can update it before confirming the design.

pharmacy store furniture

Material information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Oak laminate

Kicking: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic logo wall with light

Other materials: Frost glass, metal frame, leather couch, etc.

Real pictures in pharmacy shop

Here are some pictures are taken from customers. So we can see how it looks like in retail pharmacy shops. In addition, it also demonstrates the importance of professional design.

pharmacy shop fitting pharmacy counter pharmacy display

Installation steps

The products are finished in our factory and will take pictures for confirmation. When receiving goods, just put them in the right place and connect wires. It’s very easy. Our sales team will also make instructions to show how to complete installation work. Please contact them if you have any needs.

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