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Perfume as a modern fashion, both male and female circles are quite popular. Some people will choose to buy online, but this also has a disadvantage, that is, you can only know the taste until you buy it, you can only know it through other people’s comments before you get it. So the perfume shop is very necessary at this time. 

And perfume as a fashion endorsement product. The perfume shop decoration design is naturally to go high-end romantic wind, just worthy of the word fashion. So, how should perfume shop home decorate? What are the key points to notice? 



This is a perfume shop that has stainless steel display stands on the front. This kind of stainless steel display stand is for watch products. And the back wall of the perfume shop has some wall display showcases against the wall. It is the display shelf with the led strip light. On each wall display cabinet has a lighted box put the logo of the brand name.



If you want to open a perfume shop, you need to find a shop location first. Then please send us the floor plan of your perfume shop or the whole shop size both okay. Our design team will make a customized perfume shop design according to your floor plan and shop size.

We can discuss the layout of the perfume shop before we make the 3d design. Then you can tell us your favorite style of the display showcase. And then we will put them on the 3d shop design. To put them on the 3d design of the perfume shop in order to let us see how many showcases can fit in the shop. We will send the perfume shop design to you in 5-7 working days.

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