Large Book Store Furniture Layout Library Design

book shelvingPeople gain knowledge from books and life experience. Everyone read books and acceptable new messages every day. The library is in every city, schools that poeple can read and borrow books. Besides, you can buy new books in a book store or magazine kiosk. Before you plan to open a book shop, choosing suitable book shelving can help your business. Today, I want to share a wonderful library design with you.


library furnitureLayout decoration

This library is very large, fit for kids, adults reading books. To increase the interest in library decoration, we can use different styles of book shelving. Such as wave shape display cabinet, C style counter, Curved booking shelving, and even S shape counters, etc. And it’s a good idea to combine the book display area with the seating area, that can save time.


Introduction of library furniture

library display standWall cabinets

The wall cabinets have multiple display shelving to sort out books so that people can find books easily according to the category. We can see there is wave shape decoration at the top, which makes the booking shelving attractive.

Reception counter

The reception desk is where the librarians work, where they handle their work and assist readers when necessary. The reception counter is set near the entrance, it’s L shape with white and pink color, you can also change the looks according to your shop size.


library wall cabinetGondola stand

The gondola stand is set in the middle of the library, it has many layers that can container more looks. And people can purchase books on both sides. The height can be 900mm to 1400mm, so kids can also choose their favorite books.

Round display stand

We can see there is a large round display stand in the middle. The top can place more books and the bottom has a seating sofa so that poeple can sit down and read books. If you like books shelvings for your shop, just contact us.

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