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Cat food shop

With the improvement of people’s living standards, pets are becoming more and more popular. Cats and dogs are some of the most common pets. It’s a good idea to earn money by opening a pet shop and earning money. Here is a nice pet shop sharing with you.

Modern pet toy shop furniture

This pet food shop is very luxurious and converts a warm atmosphere. Ped toy and food shop furniture includes display shelf, cashier counter, wall cabinet, and even island display stand. You can make the shop design first and can see how it will look with the brand logo and light decoration. All the products can also show in a proper area for business.

pet store

Layout introduction

Outside view

Front outside, clients can see the cat climbing rack in the front glass window, tall display rack, and cash register near the door. This not only provides a place for cats to play but also has a good space to display cat food, reflecting your professionalism. Brand logo imagines wall set behind the counter, you can also use hanging light, green plants to make it vivid.

pet store designInside view

The middle area of this pet food store is a large display stand, it has multiple shelves surrounding it, you can sort out products here. So that clients can purchase easily. Wood wall shelves have lighting lamps to increase brightness.

The back wall is an individual room for company culture and advertising, clients can learn more about you from here. You can also use it as an animal park, pets brought by guests can play here. Near it is cat cages, made up of wooden, each cat has its own compartment. Acrylic doors are installed at the circular entrance, so cats can see everything outside.

dog store shelf

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