Spices play a huge role in our daily life. They are usually culinary condiments or some coloring. Spices are also very common in shopping malls, and we can also see some spice shops when we go shopping.

Spices are generally powdered or granular, and they can be stored and sold in pots or jars. Today I mainly want to introduce the layout design in the spice shop.

Spice Store

The main furniture in our store is high display cabinets against the wall and ordinary counters.

The area between the wall display and the counter is the passage for the staff, we can put some chairs outside the counter for customers to rest. Our staff can introduce our main products and their functions to customers and can sell them by the pound if the customer wants.

The height of the wall display cabinet extends to the ceiling, so the overall look is very uniform and beautiful. The pattern of the display cabinet is consistent with the pattern in the store. The main display shape is arc-shaped. And the display area uses wooden laminates.

The design of the spice shop mainly depends on our products. If it is a seasoning spice, such as pepper, star anise, pepper, etc.  They can put on the counter for customers to choose by themselves. If it is mainly coloring, or making some more advanced things such as scented things, we can put them in a place that customers cannot touch. So that we can introduce our main products to customers and help customers make better choices something that suits them.

The furniture we design is based on the size of the actual store so that we can accurately design the size and quantity of the furniture. We can modify the color, size, and style of the furniture according to the customer’s request. So it is very important to design before buying furniture, only then we can know which ones are suitable for us.

We are a supplier of custom furniture, if you have a shop, we can do a design for its interior first. We will design suitable display furniture according to your store size and your brand, we can also see the overall effect through the design. After confirming the final design, we will start production.

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