Outdoor carts are very popular products. They are suitable for people who are just starting a business or who only sell low-cost products. Outdoor mobile carts are relatively light and easy to move, which is also very convenient for us to change sales locations. It can sell many products, such as snacks, candies, or drinks. Today I will mainly introduce the cart that sells soda water.

Benefits of soda water:

1. Help consume more water.
2. Help swallow.
3. Increase satiety.
4. Helps to resolve constipation and indigestion.
5. Can improve bone health
6. May improve heart health

Many people shopping outdoors are prone to thirsty, so the sales of drinks are very good. The cost of soda is not high, we can make small profits but quicker sales. The selling price in scenic points or amusement parks can be higher.

Soda Display Cart Information



Size: 1×0.4x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Stainless steel, logo lightbox, wheel

Production time: 18-22 days





This cart is very simple and small, our product can be put on the top directly. People can directly take the soda and pay. The front of the cart is our logo, no matter what kind of business, we should put our logo or product name.


On the back of the cart is a storage cabinet, where we can store inventory or other things. This side also with logo lightbox.

There are two styles of wheels. The front wheel is a large wheel and the rear wheel is a universal wheel, so it is very convenient to move.



Real Photos

The real effect of the cart is very beautiful, which is designed and reproduced according to customer requirements. If you want to start a business outdoors, you can also tell us your requirements and we will customize a cart that belongs to you.


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