Outdoor service food booth drive-through coffee kiosk

In many streets and parks, we can see some booths in the outdoor to sell foods or products. When people want to drink something, they can go to your small shop. You can make an outdoor kiosk something like a house to start your business.

If you want to open a small shop in outdoor to sell coffee, you can follow with us below the information. We will introduce an outdoor service food booth drive-through coffee kiosk design to you.



This is an outdoor food kiosk to sell the coffee and foods. You can see it is a square shape and on the top has the lighted logo. On the front has the menu for the customer to check and choose the food they want. The front counter is the wooden strip and a 3D acrylic lighted logo. Inside you can put the equipment machine on the countertop.



The material of the outdoor coffee kiosk we need to use to strong material because it need to resist the hard weather for outdoor. The basic material of the outdoor kiosk is metal frame. The basic with plywood and the surface finish with aluminum plastic panel and solid wood.



Our design team can make a customized 3d design for the outdoor coffee kiosk. You can let us know the size of your location and your brand logo. We can make this 3d outdoor food kiosk design to fit your need. For a customized 3d design will charge a 300USD design deposit.

Our design team will make and send the 3d design to you in 3-5 working days. Then you can check and we can discuss if need to make any changes. We will make it according to your need.

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