New style outdoor food booth hot sale dessert bar street kiosk

If you are a chef who has worked in restaurants for many years, you must want to have your own restaurant. If you don’t have enough money to rent a shop to start your restaurant business, you can start with an outdoor kiosk. We have many customers who found us and have an idea and want to make it.

Our team helps a lot of customers to come true their dream to make an outdoor food kiosk to start their business. This is a new style outdoor food booth hot sale dessert bar street kiosk design share with you.



This is an outdoor food kiosk to sell hot dogs, desserts, fast food and some drinks. We design the kiosk with many lights so when you open it at the night, it also looks very attractive. The top of the outdoor food kiosk has a big lighted logo and writes your brand name and the foods you will sell.

Inside we have the food counter for you to put the equipment machine. And on the back wall has the display shelf you can put some cups and so on. We can leave the space for your equipment and install the sockets for them. When you receive the kiosk, just need to put the equipment inside and connect the wire then it will work. Our company can provide the equipment to you also.



We will pack the outdoor food kiosk in a whole set if the size is suitable for the container size. And then we will arrange the shipping for you to the port or door to door address both okay. When it arrives at the port, the shipping agent will contact you to arrange the delivery and customs clearance.

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