Outdoor phone accessories kiosk retail display stand showcase for sale

Hi, my friends, now the new year is coming. Are you planning to start a business in the new year? If you want to start a business, how about to start a cell phone accessories business? This kind of business doesn’t need so much budget. And this is a high-profit business.

We need to highlight the main mobile phone accessories products to clearly tell people what boutique recommendations are in the store. In addition, mobile phone kiosk merchants also need to have an awareness of increasing opportunities for mobile phone accessories and people to contact. In other words, merchants should have a sense of experience with mobile phone accessories. Also strive to guide people to experience mobile phone accessories themselves, so that mobile phone accessories can be sold during the display process.

Cell phone accessories kiosk design

The display of mobile phone accessories must be attractive. And only in this way can people gain more attention. When placing mobile phone accessories, businesses try to gather all the accessories together and display them in a centralized manner. This display is beautiful and atmospheric. In addition to the centralized display of mobile phone accessories, it must be displayed in a primary and secondary manner. In other words, mobile phone shop merchants should clearly understand what the store’s main mobile phone accessories are when arranging.



Mobile phone kiosk customize factory

The size of this one is 3x3m, material plywood & MDF with baking paint. We shipped this one to Fiji in November 2019. This customer went to our factory 2 years ago, he is a cellphone accessories wholesaler in Fiji. His company selling phone cases, earphones, data cable, USB, power bank and so on.

The material of this mobile phone kiosk basic material is plywood and MDF. And the surface finish is baking paint, white color baking paint and red color baking paint. This cell phone kiosk use for the shopping mall. You can see this kiosk we can close it on the night when the staff goes home.

How to make the design of the outdoor cellphone accessories kiosk?

First, the first step we need to start the 3d design. We usually charge 300USD for the 3d design deposit. This is a small part of the total amount, so it will return to you when order.

Second, our designer team will make a new outdoor cellphone accessories kiosk with your logo and size.

Third, we will make the construction drawing for you after you confirm the 3d design.

Then, if you are satisfied with the final 3d design we will start the production.

The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

Package and shipment

We will send the production pictures and videos for you after we finish the production. After you check everything all good, we will pack this mobile phone accessories kiosk divided into a few parts. For the package of the cell phone accessories kiosk, we will pack it foam inside and a wooden box outside. This is very strong and safe for a long time shipping time.

For the shipping guarantee of the cell phone kiosk, we will buy the insurance for it. Then if the kiosk damaged during the shipping, we can get compensation from the shipping company.


Contact us now!

Unique Furniture Ltd is a professional customize factory for the mall kiosk. We can help you to start the business from design to shipping. This is means we will offer a one-stop service to you. Please feel free to contact us at email sales08@uniquekiosk.com. We will send to you more details about the mobile phone kiosk or more design and our works for your reference. If you have any good idea about the shopping mall retail kiosk, please also feel free to discuss with our team. Thank you very much!

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