Custom 10.9 ft×6.9 ft white decoration phone cases kiosk to France

Hello everyone! Glad to see you here. Are you looking for a custom decoration phone cases kiosk? Will you use white as the basic color for your own phone cases kiosk? Do you need to add your own brand logo to the kiosk? Today, you have a chance to design and decoration your own phone store, please don’t miss it.

As a manufacturer who provide custom mall kiosk service, we can design and production according to your own requirements. We have 10 years’ experience in kiosk field, and I am sure we can meet your demands. This white-decorated phone case from France is the best proof, and I think you will also like this design. Let us learn more details.


  • Color: White with black frame
  • Size: 10.9 ft×6.9 ft
  • Material: MDF with glossy baking paint, tempered glass, light strip, etc.
  • Usage: Phone case display and service

We can see in the design, in the front side are a lot of display stand for phone cases, including high stand, display cabinet and hooks. There is also a model of phone stand on the top of high stand. And in the back side of the kiosk there is a cabinet for phones, it has 4 layers, so we can place more phones and customers can purchase the one easily. While the left side is a display stand for related products. And the right side is a cash counter along with phone repair desk. Do you like this layout?

phone case kiosk phone cases kiosk

Real production details

All the display cabinets from our factory should with light, so please don’t worry about the brightness of the mall’s ceiling lights. We will connect the wires, add locked doors in every display stand and install the whole kiosk for you before shipping, so when you receive the goods, you can use it directly. Isn’t it amazing?

phone cases kiosk

When we production your own kiosk, we will keep you informed. And share all the production details with you. So you will know every process directly. You are welcome to let us know about your own design ideas. Thank you for reading.

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