Orange Juice Display Counter Bubble Tea Kiosk for Sale

bubble tea kiosk

Are you looking for an orange juice kiosk for business? The bubble tea kiosk is good to sell bubble tea, fresh juice, green tea, and smoothie. You can also customize the bubble tea kiosk for you. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk.

Information about bubble tea kiosk

This bubble tea kiosk includes a front display counter, lock cabinet, brand logo plate, back wall, menu board. The size is 3m by 3m, you can also make it the same size as you want. Material includes plywood, laminate, wood bar, stone, acrylic logo, etc.

bubble tea counterDisplay counter

The front display counter has a brand logo in the front area. Clients can order bubble tea here. There is lighting under the counter table to increase brightness. A solid wood bar surrounds the counter. Brand name attaches in the middle at 4 sides, people can understand you better.

The back wall has a work table with a water sink, your equipment can also be set here for convenient use. There is a high stand, you can attach brand logo and name on both sides.

bubble tea standMenu board

The menu board is set on the front table, you can even put up posters here. So clients will attract by the delicious advertising and know clearly what they want. You can also use the posters to separate clients from the work area.

Storage cabinet

Under the counter, the table has storage cabinets. We will also leave space for refrigerators here. Just let us know the equipment size is ok.

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