Orange Color Candy Kiosk with Candy box and Sink To Atlanta, USA

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Candy has a beautiful meaning. In a festive festival like the Spring Festival, candy can add to the atmosphere. And in the hearts of Chinese people, candy is indispensable for the Spring Festival.

Everyone knows that eating sweet when you are in a bad mood can make your mood happy. So, how can there be no candy on a festive day like the Spring Festival? Candy is not only necessary for the Spring Festival, but also an additive to the festive atmosphere.

Why do we suggest you start the candy business?

Candies have always been loved by children. Although parents object to their children eating candies, children love them, so they have to leave it alone. After all, sweet food like candy is hard for adults to refuse, let alone children?

Nowadays, candy can be described as a variety of varieties. To attract more people, candy manufacturers have also spent a lot of thought. Therefore, there are many special candies on the market, like some packaged candies, which are more popular.

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About the new candy flower business:

Candies symbolize sweetness, and flowers convey blessings. Everyone likes to have a sweet life. On a festive day like the Spring Festival, eating some sweets, sweet in your heart, also means a good new year. Therefore, the candy business is very good, especially specialty candy. Therefore, some businesses now package traditional candies in the shape of flowers. Candies are no longer simple foods, and flowers are no longer mere decorations. The grafted packaging makes the products greatly value-added.

Many people now have their own sideline while they work in the company. For example, open a kiosk in a shopping mall and hire someone to help you run it. In this way, you can get a double income and be a boss. But obviously, this is not so easy for someone who is just starting a business.

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How did the customer order this candy kiosk from us?

This customer sent the inquiry to us and asked some questions. He said, he saw a candy kiosk in the shopping mall when he goes shopping. So he also wants to make a candy kiosk to start the candy business in the shopping mall. Then he contacted the shopping mall manager and discuss the location and rent. Finally, he said he got a location for the kiosk, it is 10x15ft.

The beginning before the customer order:

First, he asked about the candy kiosk price. He wants to know a candy kiosk with 10x15ft size how much it will cost. We quoted an estimated price to him. He said ok, what is the next step. We said, if you want to make a candy kiosk, the first step is to start the 3d design. Because of the kiosk, we all customize for our customers.

And the most important is, each customer has each requirement. Such as the logo. Each customer has their their own brand logo. Then we need to put their logo on the kiosk and make the kiosk theme according to their logo and so on. Another one is the location size. Each customer has their own location, the location may be the same, but usually, that is not the same, some 10x10ft, some 10x12ft. So we need to make the candy kiosk exactly suitable for your location.

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How we make the 3d design for our customers?

Then the customer paid 500$ design deposit to us. This is a small amount of the total cost. And it will deduct from the total cost when the customer order the candy kiosk. Yes, that is why we said we offer free design. Then our customer sent his logo files to us. Our designer made this design for him. We will send the 3d design of the candy booth to our customer within 3-5 working days. After the customer checks the 3d design, if the customer needs any changes, we can discuss and get back to our design team. Our designer will change the design according to the requirement of our customers. Finally, we will make the construction drawing for you for mall approval.

Some details about this candy display showcase:

This candy kiosk size is 10x15ft and the material is MDF with baking paint. The outside finished is a stripe sticker. And other we include the lighted box, spotlights, 3 single sinks, and inside the cabinet we have the wires and sockets, main power supply. We also can customize the candy box for you. You can see on the above 3d design it has the candy box. The material is acrylic and the baseboard is stainless steel.

We offer a customized kiosk design service and the best quality of candy kiosk. Customize the candy kiosk, we are the best choice for you!

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