Dragon’s breath candy kiosk and sweet booth have become very popular among people. Because it provides deliciousness and entertainment in a fast way. People can buy them to relax after work or during breaks. Below, I want to share the green smoking candy kiosk with you. It is installed in shopping malls, food stores, and food courts on the street. Let’s move on and see more details

crepe booth Popular dragon’s breath candy kiosks

Shopping mall kiosks are mainly used to provide services and sell products. As a food kiosk, the most important part is the workbench, which is like a small kitchen. The cash register, display stand, and storage area are equally important. Because customers choose products and receive services from here. What is easy to overlook is the promotional posters and menus, which are the ways for customers to understand your business.

Layout decoration

This crepe kiosk has a small size of 2.5m by 2m. It’s good for starters who have less budget. The front side view is the checkout counter. The light posters and menu hang on the top for advertising and order guidance. Under the bench are metal shelves to place more items.

The back wall is a working bench with two working machines. Under counter is a pace for refrigerator. There is a return counter near the entrance door. It’s a good place for a water sink and tap. While another side is used as a seating area with booth

Color decoration

The kiosk is full of natural wood decoration, which looks very popular and elegant. It is also artificial plants to decorate the kiosk. Which expresses a very natural and fresh feeling to people. Brand sign and letter on the front of the counter body, the bright light looks very elegant and good.

Material introduction

Basic material: Plywood or MDF

Surface material: Laminate, natural wood, wood veneer, etc.

Ceiling material: Iron and stainless steel

Flooring: Wood floor

Counter plate: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic luminous logo or 3D hollow out logo

pankcake kiosk How to get the food kiosk design?

First, we should discuss details about the food kiosk decoration. You can add all ideas to make the dragon breath candy kiosk unique and attractive.

Second, find a professional designer to create a 3D design for you. They can give you an attractive and convenient food kiosk to start a business.

Third, pay the design fee of 300usd. It shows your cooperation and make sure that you can get the right design. And the money can use as production deposit when order.

Fourth, check the design and confirm it as the final drawing. You can also submit the drawing to the landlord and health department for approval.

Finally, make construction drawing and arrange start payment. Production is follow the final design drawing, so you can receive the right food kiosk in mind. It need about 25-28 working days to complete, please leave enough time to make it.

crepe kiosk


  • How to install the kiosk?

We will install the counters, light, wires and cabinets in our factory. So you just need to put them together as plan, it’s very easy.

  • How can I add my logo to the kiosk?

You should make logo sign first and send us the PDF file. Then we add then to the right place of kiosk and attach it to the kiosk. So you can finally receive the food kiosk with brand logo.

  • When can I receive the goods?

You can receive the goods 28 days after sail, different port has different shipping time. So we recommend to prepare business earlier. In this case, we have enough time to modify design better, get approval and prodcution the goods. What do you think?

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