Colorful Candy Kiosk with Candy Boxes Candy Display Stand On Sale

The sales of sweets have only increased in recent years. In many supermarkets, whether it is a large shopping mall or a small supermarket, there must have many businesses selling sweets. They will rent a small place in the mall to sell sweets. This place can be small, such as 1x2m, 2x3m, 3x3m, depending on the need of your business. You can also rent a shop located near the street, to open a big candy store if you have enough budget. But if you are the first time to start the candy business. We suggest to make a candy kiosk to start it is better. To make a small candy kiosk in the shopping mall to test the market. But we make sure the candy market will getting better and better. And then you can large your business and open many many candy kiosks or candy shop.


Candy display booth & Sweets kiosk in the shopping mall:

The size is 3500 x 3500 mm of this colorful candy kiosk. And the material is MDF with baking paint, the below is the colorful sticker for decoration. This candy kiosk can fit around 140-160 candy boxes to display the candy. Acrylic lighted logo on the top with 4 metal pillars to support. The customer can shop around the kiosk to choose the candy and then pay the money. We have a small cashier counter and with a small door, the staff can stand inside.

Do you want to open such a colorful and beautiful candy kiosk to start your candy business? Our company specializes in candy kiosk and candy shop furniture for many years. We can customize the candy kiosk with your requirements. And we will work together with you to get approval from the shopping mall. Please welcome to contact us to make a unique candy kiosk design to start your own candy business!

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