Newest design coffee kiosk shopping mall retail food booth 

Coffee is one kind of the favorite drinks for people all over the world. So many people start a coffee business when they want to start a food business. If you also want to start a food business but do not know what kind of food to start, you can try coffee. You can try to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall for a start.

This is the newest design coffee kiosk shopping mall retail food booth we want to introduce to you today. You can check this design for reference.



This is a coffee kiosk with a solid wood finish and grass decoration. On the front are the cashier area and display fridge. And on the top, you can see it has a brand logo and menu. The customer can see your brand clearly. You can put the logo on the four corners of the top so that they can add more exposure.

On the back side is the work counter area for the


Establish a brand – You can start with your own brand or franchise. Find a logo company to make a logo for you to fit your business.

Find a location – You can search for some locations in the shopping mall and find out a suitable one. And need to get the size information and other details such as the kiosk criteria.

Start a design – Our design team can provide a customize 3d design for you with your requirement. So that you can send it the mall for approval.


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