Coffee Kiosk 3D Design with Black High-end Style for Cafe Business Sale

Like this style’s coffee is seldom. All we know is the coffee shop furniture is mainly brown color and wood grain color, like the Starbucks style. But we also make that style and have a corporation with it. We are a custom design and manufacturing kiosk factory, so we can custom-make almost all kinds of kiosks. If you have a preferred one, you can send it to kiosk

Introduction of the coffee kiosk

The back side of the coffee kiosk has beautiful and abundant poster drawings, which is an important part to attract customers. This kiosk has a wood top with many lights and a white acrylic letter logo. The front side has a door as an entrance. The unique space is the black and wood combination and has a gold plaque to decorate it.

What’s more, all of our kiosks can provide you with many places to put working machines. So if you intend to design, be sure to send us your machine list. If you want to design the floor, we can also do it.

Production process

We prepare materials first, and then we make the wooden counter according to the instruction drawing. Second, we start to laminate the fire-proof board. Third, we install the accessories, including the light strip, water sink, 8mm tempered glass, hardware, socket, lock and key, and logo. Finally, we install the whole kiosk to show you the whole true effect.

coffee kiosk

Order process

We need to confirm the design first, and then you need to pay the design fee. The next step is to provide you with the design and construction drawing for your review. Then, we prepare production after you pay the 50% deposit. We will take production photos for you all the time. The last step is to arrange shipment after you pay the balance. Last but not least, we give you the factory price.

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