Customize high-end coffee kiosk best quality food shop counter

For people who want to start a food business, the only option is not to open a food shop. Many new businessmen start with a food kiosk as their first business. Starting a small food business with a food kiosk instead of a food shop is what most people do now.

What we can do is help you to make a food kiosk suitable for your business. This is a customize high-end coffee kiosk best quality food shop counter design we want to share with you. You can check it for reference and we can also customize a new one to fit your business.



Please check the 3d design of this food kiosk with us together. It is a western food kiosk for coffee and steak. On the two sides of the food kiosk, both have a bar area for the customer to sit and enjoy their delicious meals. The front side of the food kiosk is the cashier counter. So that the customer can order the food here.

The back side is the cooking area for the staff to make food here. You can put the equipment machine on here and below is the storage cabinet. All four sides have the storage cabinet under the countertop for you to put something.



Our design team can make a customized food kiosk design for you. Please send us the size and logo of the food kiosk you want. Equipment list if you have it, please also send it to us. We will put your equipment machine on the 3d food kiosk design and arrange the layout for you. If you have any requirement for the layout, please feel free to discuss with us.

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