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Hello friends. Do you want to purchase a customized makeup counter for your business? Do you plan to open a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping mall? It’s the right time to start cosmetic business now.

As we all know cosmetics become more and more popular around the world. Every woman uses skincare and cosmetics because they want to protect their skin from harm by using skincare and make them look more beautiful by using cosmetics. Almost every girl’s backpack will carry lipstick, sunscreen, eyebrow pencil, etc. to make up at any time. So when we open a cosmetic kiosk in the mall center, we will earn a lot of money, as people used to going shopping in the mall.

Tips on how to open a makeup counter in the mall center

  1. We should rent a place in the shopping mall. Because a fixed location makes it easier for customers to find us, we can also serve customers more easily.
  2. Follow on the mall rules and choose the most suitable makeup counter for our business. Usually, we have to buy a customized shop furniture based on the mall size we own.
  3. Draw a 3D design to show all the details. From the design, we can view every part clearly and arrange all the space  reasonably. When the mall wants to view the shop decoration, we can also send the design drawing for approval.
  4. Production follow on the confirmed design drawing. So that we can receive the right one we want and can put everything in the right place and use it.

3D design picture show

cosmetic kiosk

If you want to know more information, please contact us soon. We can show you more details about the cosmetic kiosk. You are welcome to tell us your own ideas, our designer will add them to your kiosk design. Thank you for reading.

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