The word cosmetics is very familiar to women. Now we go shopping, you hardly see any without makeup girls. Because makeup can make us confident and energetic.  Many companies now require their employees to wear light makeup, this will improve their mental outlook.  Sometimes makeup is also a sign of respect for others. So makeup is a very important skill. Makeup cannot leave cosmetics, the shop that sells cosmetic on the street alley is countless now, they have a lot of board, a lot of kinds, you can choose the one you like. Most of our common cosmetic shops are in shopping malls.  Not just cosmetic stores, but cosmetic display station. Cosmetic display stations can not only sell cosmetics, but It will also help people make up, although space is not as big as the store, but full enough for our development. Let’s look at this cosmetic display station first.

This station size is 3x2m, it mainly displays cosmetics and has a working area inside to help clients with their makeup. And recommend them to customers if they need them. This is a small size kiosk, but its display space is not small. Whether it is lipstick or eye shadow, there are different colors, the client has a  lot of choices. The top lights add lighting to give the client a brighter visual experience. The kiosk outside can put some display box posters or your logo. Deepen the customer’s impression of your brand.

How to get the station like this?

It is very easy, contact us, tell us your requirements, what size you need. Then we can design a kiosk for you that you want. Our company has been established for nearly 10 years. Mainly focusing on making kiosks in shopping malls.  We know the process of the shopping mall. The first is to sign a contract, get the location, according to the location size to make the kiosk design, then handed to the shopping mall for review. Although the rules are different in every mall, the requirements for the kiosk are indeed similar. So we can work together to build your own display station. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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