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  Hello everyone. Today we will introduce Cosmetic showcase design fashion make up store furniture kiosk for you. Do you think you are a beautiful girl or a handsome man? Do you think you are good-looking? Nowadays people like to make up themselves when they are on important occasions like a date, Model show,  at the evening party. and usually, the male can also make up himself if he is an actress or model.  


necessary for cosmetic showcase

According to a new study by the social investigation. The results indicated that 44 percent of women have negative feelings about their image when not wearing makeup. The survey also revealed that 16 percent feel unattractive when they’re not wearing makeup and 14 percent feel self-conscious or naked without it. I’ve always extolled the power of makeup, to enhance your features and bring out your best.  


Why do women are addicted to making up? On the one hand, makeup gives them more confidence. On the other, their self-esteem is somewhat tied to how I look. They don’t feel horrible with a bare face. But I certainly don’t feel like my best without makeup. Makeup is a powerful tool in helping you look slim. It changes how their faces look and draw attention to their best features.Makeup is about enhancing your features in a more subtle way.  Now let me introduce our new cosmetic kiosk to you.





  Cosmetic showcase   



description of this cosmetic showcase


This cosmetic showcase shapes rectangles, 3 sides are glass cabinets to show cosmetic products. There is a cosmetic counter table with a mirror and chair. The customers can make up themselves when they find a favorable cosmetic product. The Floor is made from plywood.  


material: MDF /plywood/tempered glass/stainless steel

Size: 3*5m color: as the picture show(or we can design it follow on your requirement.    



Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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