Sweet corn kiosk become more and more popular, we recently receive many inquiry about corn kiosk. Most shop owners look forward to unique designs and classic display cabinet shapes to help them attract consumers’ attention and start business. They are also concerned about the availability of high-quality products at the best price. If you are one of them, maybe this sweet corn kiosk suits you better. It’s a very classic corn kiosk style in our factory. Let’s view the details together.

2.5m by 2.2m sweet corn kiosk in mall

If it’s your first business, 2.5m by 2m is a very good location size. As it need less rent fee and easy to start. Business plan always go first, you should make a business plan to confirm the get the location. Because mall manager have to review every business plan with kiosk design. They want to make sure that your company meet the standard and your food shop with materials obey the rules. We have produced more than 10 sets of similar style corn cabinets for our old customers, but they are of different sizes and shipped to different ports, so you should not worry about whether mall accept this design.

corn kiosk

Like the design picture shows, there are 4 corn models in each corner. That attracts people’s eyes and let them know your business better. The unique board on the counter body makes this sweet corn kiosk outstanding. Especially when you turn on the light. Cashier counter set in the front side, people can pay bills directly. This kiosk includes two steamer and 2 ingredient boxes, a stainless steel sink next to one steamer. On the back side is a space for fridge. While outside wall has a counter with chairs, consumers can sit here and taste food. A brand logo in the high stand, which allow people see your store from distance.

Materials show

We should use the MDF to make the kiosk body, including special board and 4 corn models. The surface material is bright paint, that’s a very popular finish effort for most mall kiosks. White stone counter top help you better, as it is fireproof, waterproof and easy to clean. This corn cabinet uses hot-bent glass, which is different from ordinary tempered glass. Stainless steel kicking main to protect the corn kiosk. Other materials includes wires, light strip, sockets/switch, hardware and sliding drawers with locks. All raw materials meet your standards, please tell us your special requirements first to help you start your business early.

More 3D design pictures show

corn cabinet corn booth

How to get the unique sweet corn kiosk?

According to the Germany customers’ idea, what he want is the same sweet corn kiosk as we production. Just to modify the dimension to his location and change his brand logo. In order to help him to catch the opening time, we made a deal immediately. Then, our rendering clear pictures with his brand name. Our customer likes it very much when see the first drawing. And he submit the drawing to the mall manager and get a quick response. Yes, he is agree to open with the classic sweet corn kiosk. Next, our designer work overtime to make construction drawing with details. That also send customer for approval, so our customer can finally receive the correct kiosk as the design picture.

When receive the half deposit, our workers build the wooden body and finish all the body in a week. Next step is baking paint the sweet kiosk. Usually it is 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of top coat. But it takes time to wait especially to dry, so the whole process takes 12 days. For now, you can see the kiosk effort in real life. The whole assembly work need about 2 days, including locked doors, brand logo, socket and sink, hidden wires, Led light, locks, etc. So it takes 21 days to manufacture. But we recommend to leave more time to design and make the sweet corn kiosk.

Elegant sweet corn kiosk in our factory for your reference

sweet corn booth corn kiosk

You are welcome to send us an inquiry about mall kiosk. We are glad to share more details with you. Hope your business is successful.

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