Super Sweet Fruit Corn Kiosk Design For Outdoor Showcase To UK

Hey, friend. Do you like to eat corn? There are many kinds of corn, including fruit corn and waxy corn. Corn contains a lot of nutrients, such as raw fiber, carbohydrates and so on. These nutrients can promote the body’s metabolism. And the corn it is very delicious. On account of the two points, corn is becoming more and more popular with people, especially women. For example, most people all like to eat corn when they travel outside. Because corn can satisfy hunger and supplement nutrition for travelers. What is a good choice! So nowadays, more and more people start to do corn business. If you are going to start corn business, the follwing super sweet fruit corn kiosk is helpful to you.

corn shopoutdoor corn kiosk

The Fruit Corn Kiosk Description

We would marvel at its beauty and delicacy after looking the above pictures. The fruit corn kiosk is made of two parts. One is a small house for owner, the another one is open space for customers. This is a goodlooking fruit corn kiosk with the floor. Its basic material is plywood, Acrylic logo, stainless steel, laminate and man-made stone. There are two worktables of different shapes and a door for the fruit corn kiosk. And its outer surface has two 3D corn decorations. It is very vivid and attractive. There is a sink, some cabinets and other accessories in the fruit corn kiosk. And the 3D lighted logo is on the kiosk roof. The open space of this fruit corn kiosk has some tables and chairs for customers. Especially the tables and chairs’ color is different. This can make different feelings for customers. In addition, the open space has a green & yellow doorsill and a 3D ice cream cup decoration. The whole fruit corn kiosk looks very beautiful and warm.

If you want to know more about the fruit corn kiosk, please feel free to contact us. We are here all the time. Welcome your coming. And thank you for reading.

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