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Good morning friends, glad to know that you are looking for phone booth stand. It’s a great idea to open a phone shop in the mall center. When we are going to start our own business, it’s better to customize a unique kiosk decoration. So people can figure out our shop at the first time. Now we have a new phone booth stand design for your reference. However, everyone requires different, the kiosk can make small changes depends on special needs. Let’s view together.

3D design photos

phone booth stand

We can see in the design photo, the whole phone booth stand has many glass display showcase. It can place more phones and phone accessories. The color of the kiosk is white with purple for decoration, which looks elegant and beautiful. There is a high stand in the corner to play video ad. and brand logo. There is cash counter in the center, so we have more space to showcase our products and customers can choose what they want easily. On the back of cash counter is a working table for phone repair services. Do you like this decoration?

How to draw a unique design?

  • Sign off with the mall manager to confirm the size, decoration of the phone store
  • Let us know what size, color, style, material is required to manufacture the phone kiosk. If you don’t have a clear mind, we can share some popular designs for you to choose.
  • Draw a new 3D design based on your special needs. Usually, the new design costs $300, when you confirm the order, the money will refund to you.
  • Check the 3D design drawing and confirm it. If you need to make small changes, the designer can modify in time
  • Get the exact design drawing finally. The 3D design drawing takes 3-5 business days since we know the whole requirements

When you have any questions, please contact us soon.

Name: Sunny

Contact email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com

Tel: +86 13602680324 (WhatApp & WeChat)


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