Hot selling phone kiosk store decoration with 10*19 ft size ship to USA

Are you going to start a phone kiosk store in the shopping mall? Here is the right time to open our own business. As smart phone becomes more and more popular nowadays, since it will helps us deal with work issues everywhere and connect our friends from distance. When we are going to open a phone kiosk shop in the shopping center, we should choose a customized phone kiosk to service us. Because a customized kiosk can better suits our location and high light our products.

As for a customized phone kiosk, it should follow on our special requirements. So we should first confirm that what kind of kiosk we are looking for. Here we create a new phone store kiosk design idea with black color. Maybe it can suits our business well. Let’s learn more about it.

Description about this phone kiosk

  1. Size: 19 ft × 10 ft
  2. Color: Black and white
  3. Material: MDF with backing paint, acrylic illuminate logo, tempered glass, stainless steel, light strip, etc.
  4. Usage: It mainly used for display cell phones, phone covers, phone accessories, etc.

The whole phone kiosk store furniture should with light, cables, locked doors, which is very safety at night. This black phone kiosk include display showcase, working counters, cash counter, storage space, etc. We will choose the suitable material to production the phone kiosk store.

3D designs for your reference

phone kiosk

phone kiosk

How to get the phone kiosk

First, tell us what size, color, style of the kiosk you want.

Second, draw the new 3D design based on the requirements.

Third, modify the design drawing and confirm that’s the right one you want.

Finally, production the phone kiosk follow on the confirmed drawing

We will take photos or videos to let you know all the production details.

If you have any needs, please contact us soon.

Contact email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com

Name: Sunny

Tel: +86 13602680324 (WhatsApp)

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