Whatever which age, people always love the sweet candy food, especially the children. We can see there are many adults accompanying children in the mall. There are many equipment in the mall, they can do shopping, enjoying the food, and playing something interesting. Then children are so easy attracted by the sweet cand and toys. If you open a sweet candy kiosk on the mall, which will be a good business. We are a custom furniture factory with a professional design team. We have done many kinds of kiosk. Now I will introduce one candy kiosk display design to you.

The Description of the candy kiosk

From the picture, we can see the kiosk shape like a boat. 1The main style is decoration with pink, which is very bright and soft. The little girls must like it very much. There is a U shape as the checkout counter with enough space for the sales which connect the boat body. About the candy kiosk main part, there are six lines acrylic boxes around big u shape part to display the candy and sweet.

About the checkout counter, there is a logo sign on the front, and two patterns on two sides, which can show cute and other information to the children. Besides, there is one logo sign on the front of the boat shape body. At the bottom, using the lollipop pattern sticker to decoration. On the top, a special decoration with logo on three sides to show to people, and let them have a deep impression in mind. There are logos in all directions of this candy kiosk. It is a good action to advertise the brand.

In addition, there are 5 spotlights on the each side of the supporting frame to make the candy and sweets more amazing.


More details of candy kiosk

This one candy kiosk size is 10×15 feet, you can see it from the top view of the picture, the candy kiosk will not take much space2 in the mall but at the same time, it can show enough goods. The base material is MDF, which is good for the food because it is waterproof. Pink baking paint and white baking paint is for the surface. Other material is 8mm tempered glass, man made stone, stainless steel handle,locks and key for the checkout counter. And all plates hidden with led light bar to make the sweet and candy luminous.

How to start a kiosk business

First, our designer will make a 3D design for you according to your any requirements. About the kiosk size, style, color and other equipments needs. After that, you can have a whole view of your candy kiosk. About the design fee, the deposit is $300, we will deduct it from the total order amount if you place the order from us. In fact, it means the design is free for you. If you want to make some changes on the design, we can modify it for 3 times for you. We must try our best to meet your needs.

Second, after you confirm the final design and there is no any problems, we will produce the candy kiosk for you according to the technology drawing. In the process of the production, we will take some pictures and videos for you to update. You can rest assured the quality problem. Our workers all make the furniture by handmade.

Finally, when the candy kiosk are finished, we will arrange to package it well for you and ship them by sea. The shipping time is about 20-30 days.

If you are interested in any furniture, please contact us at any time.

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