Natural Wood pancake kiosk waffle booth with chairs for sale

The pancake kiosk helps a lot with new business. As it is good to sell pancake, waffle, crepe, beverage, and snacks. When renting a good location in the shopping center, you can earn money and start a business. Today, I want to introduce a natural wood pancake kiosk & waffle booth with you.


The size of this kiosk is 4*3 meters. Another size can custom made according to your location. Any decoration like artificial plants is a good idea to make it different. The concerned electric equipment is certificated by CE and UL. Let’s learn more details.


Description of the pancake kiosk

Layout introduction:

Firstly, the front side has a cake display machine, next to it is a cashier counter for the check out counter. A menu board with the brand logo in the end. Behind it is a long sitting counter with chairs. Inside is a working table with machines and under-counter cabinets. There is a frosted glass separate them and people can’t see inside from outside.

Secondly, the backside of the waffle booth has an entrance door on the side and a pancake machine, waffle machine on the table. Under the table is a space for a fridge machine. So please tell us the dimension in advance, so we can leave enough space for it. Besides, facing the public is wood display shelves with acrylic box.

Finally, on the right side is a double water tap sink near the door. The transparent glass panel prevents water from splashing out. A high brand logo is regarded as a wall blocking people’s view and protecting privacy. And, close to it is an L shape counter with frost glass. Light is a very important decoration for the mall kiosks.

Material introduction:

1). Body material: Plywood+fire-proof plate(HPL). Plywood is very well-knit, has a strong bearing capability, and is waterproof, can use for a long time. Because HPL is a kind of special surface finish material, it is anti-fire and assures safety.

2). Countertop: High-quality man-made stone countertop ensures good user experiences. It looks very beautiful, which is not only easy to clean but also of good chemical stability.

3). Cabinets and drawers: Usually, there are many cabinets under the counter for stuff storage. For resisting moisture, the cabinet is decorated with HPL. Besides, hinge and trackers are equipped. We can also lock the machine in the cabinet after getting off work.

4). Advertising equipment painting lightboxes: Due to it’s easy to change different posters, lightbox poster is vividly used in most of the kiosks. A single person can replace it in a few minutes at any time. Lightbox painting can also achieve a wonderful light effect.

5). Bottom protection-toe kick: The part is for kick or crash preventing, good for bottom protection. We usually use stainless steel to make the toe kick.

Logo and decoration details:


There are different logo materials to makes the kiosk unique. This pancake kiosk uses a 3D luminous logo and acrylic logo to decorate it. Other popular logos include acrylic hollow logo, stainless steel logo, lightbox logo, Neon logo, etc.


Light decoration: Normally some parts of the kiosks can be decorated with lights/LED, like kicking. If the kiosk has a roof, we can install spotlights on it.

Except for light lamps and spotlight, we can use a different color to makes the outdoor kiosk outstanding. We can even use stickers to give a different feeling. Do you like the pancake kiosk idea?

How to use the pancake kiosk?

The pancake kiosk will finish and assemble in our factory. For better delivery, the kiosk will be packaged into parts according to the drawing. So you can put them together and connect wires. If you don’t know how to complete it, please feel free to ask for help.

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