Natural restaurant decoration with an industrial look

Food always let people very excited and full of energy, after ended one day hard-working, walking into a comfortable and sweet restaurant to enjoy a meal, you will feel very relax and happy, if the restaurant decoration is very fashion and feature, I think you will stay a more long time to chat with your friends or your lovely; Your mood is affected deeply by food and restaurant decoration, tasty food and warm decoration with light music to eliminate the fatigue of one day, this food place almost is all people yearn.

Today I wanna share a kind new restaurant decoration style: industrial look with natural.

What is the industrial look with natural?

Making use of plain and simple materials, such as concrete, steel, raw wood to give the signature industrial look, also adding contrast with color, furniture, the abstract pattern design, green grass to touch natural, using the raw concept to create natural and fitness lifestyle.

From these photos, you can see the restaurant wall and floor using some concrete material, also have some
abstract pattern design wallpaper, or make some green grass decoration , and then match some raw wood
furniture with colorful chairs or sofa, these are in stark contrast, looks natural and comfortable ,
The ceiling uses some art light to make decoration , cozier.


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