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Why there are more and more people are liked to wear watched now even cell phones are so share some of ideas to you as below:

1.the purpose of wearing a watch is to keep abreast of the time. Although the mobile phone is very popular nowadays, many people give up the watch, but the watch is more convenient than the mobile phone. For example, when you are riding a bicycle, you want to know the time. It is convenient to watch the phone without looking at the watch. Or some places that do not allow mobile phones to enter the venue, it is inevitable to use the watch to master the time.

2.the person wearing a watch will also give people a strong sense of time, pay attention to with people with a strong sense time is easy to be reassured and more successful in business.

3. the watch can also enhance a person’s taste.just like the little punk likes to wear a gold chain,and successful people like to wear a watch.Good watches are exquisite in workmanship and exquisite in appearance, which can show the charm of men and women


Shenzhen Unique factory is the mainly custom commercial display furniture,

for watch , jewelry,cosmetic, glasses, clothes and handbags and other shops .

Above design is one of our France customer mall watch shop share with you.


Basic information of this mall watch display kiosk design :

Size: 12*10 ft

Material : MDF with high gloss baking paint , tempered glass

Accessories : 3d log, led box, wires ,sockets and same locks

Design time : 3-5 working day

Production time : within 22-25 working day after 50% deposit

Shipping time : 28-30 days after 50% balance


If you still have any ideas and hesitation pls feel free to contact us.

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