Watch kiosk in mall is permanent or mobile retail stall in the mall corridor to retail watches.  Usually, a watch kiosk is designed with a lot of single display showcase combined together, make a circle closed or open watch shop. No matter what style the kiosk design is, User-friendly is the first issue. Because the kiosk is going to use in a shopping mall or business store. If the design not easy for the customer to check the products, or not comfortable for ordering, it will affect the business deeply.

Therefore, a good layout watch kiosk design is the most important part of setting up a retail business in mall. Here below is a nice and open watch kiosk ideas with a modern color theme. If you need the same kiosk concept with affordable cost. Welcome to send us an inquiry.

watch kiosk design

Mall used G-FACTORY  watch kiosk for sale

  • The original design kiosk size is 12*10 ft
  • We customize the kiosk with your leased dimensions
  • The best watch kiosk price is $6600 USD for a limited time offer
  • All the material used is high quality national standard plywood If need fire-resistant wood or higher grade price are negotiable.

watch store display watch display showcase

Unique Kiosk is a direct kiosk factory with over 17 years of kiosk manufacturing experience. If you need a custom watch kiosk or watch retail display showcase, Here will be your best options. Check and browse our thousands of models, I m sure you will find your favorite designs.

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