Fast snack foods and soft beverages service are very popular in the shopping mall. if you’re planning to start your own food business in the mall. I have must say it’s a good viewpoint.  

 here the one I wanna introduce is a multifunction beverage kiosk. it can for selling juice, snack foods, coffee, bubble tea and more. if you are interested, pls Please take a few minutes to follow me see more details as below. 

For the whole store is about have 30sqm. have sale area and seating area. the mainly tone is blue and beige wood grain. white color countertop. at the top is a decoration roof. match some wood frame and metal plate. looks very modern and fashion.

The left part is the sale area. is a square shape counter, the front part mainly for order, you can see here have many menu lightboxes and TV showings.  the left corner is a cashier counter and some Green plant adornment. at the back sides are a beverages refrigerator and storage. you will notice the back sides counter surface is many foods sticker. it’s very good to Attractguest’ attention.

At the right sides are a small table and four round shape stool. the top part with white and black strip canopy and ceiling lamp decoration. looks very nice and comfortable.

Basic information about this beverage kiosk.

  • Size: 3200X8000mm.or customized based on your lease.
  • Color:  blue, white, beige wood grain.
  • Material:  plywood, laminate, Corian.
  • Service:  juice, beverages. snack food, coffee and more.
  • Accessories: lightbox, TV, canopy, lamp.
  • Used: shopping center or your own food store.

For Production

The production process include the 3 steps. Before we produce the kiosk, we need to confirm every details like 3d design and construction drawing. After we confirm the 3d design, we will start to produce wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet will reserve the suitable place for the sockets, logo, light box. After wooden cabinet, we will stock the laminate and artificial counter-top. Final step is to install the accessories like the logo, light box, the drawers and so on.


Kiosk design time is about 3-5 working days. We suggest that we can reserve more time to prepare it and obtain the good finished kiosk.
After the design was finalized, we will start to produce. The production time is about 25-26 working days. The shipping time is based on your country and the shipping method you want.


We will install the food kiosk before shipment. But in order to facilitate transportation, we divide the cabinet into several parts for production. When you receive the food kiosk, you can place it according to the drawing. Then connect the wires directly. Finally, connect the power supply of the mall, and finally this kiosk can work.


In order to prevent the goods from being damaged, we will use two layers of packaging. They are inner packaging and outer packaging. The inner packaging uses EPE foam and film. We will wrap the sides and corners of the cabinet with EPE foam and then wrap them with film. The outside is MDF wooden boxes. Finally, we put the inner package into the outer package and sealed it with a nail.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your food business. Unique kiosk as a direct factory we mainly work on the design and customize different types of commercial food kiosk and bar counter. If you are interested to build a beverage kiosk like this one. Or wanna get the more related design, welcome inquiry.

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