12ft×10ft high glossy beverage display showcase shipping to Malaysia

Hello friends, how is the holiday? Now are you searching for beverage display showcase? Beverages are always popular, and we live and work without them, especially yogurt, coffee and juice. Beverage becomes popular for many years, and it’s never been two late to start a beverage kiosk in shopping mall. This time, I want to share a nice beverage display showcase design with you.

Basic information:

  • Size: 12ft×10ft
  • Color: White and black
  • Style: Modern and customized style
  • Material: MDF, high glossy baking paint
  • Finish: Man made counter, stainless steel, hidden cables and light strip, etc.
  • Process: 18-25 business days after order

As we can see in the design, the shape of high tower is very attractive. Yes, it’s for decoration, highlight our kiosk and attracts more clients. The whole kiosk include checkout counter, display area, working table, storage area, beverage display, wash area and storage area. We should also put more posters to let people know our business, even the glass also with welcome words, which makes our customers feel happy and warm. Do you like this display case with tower?

3D design photos

How to get this unique kiosk design?

  1. Tell us the design details. As for a customized design, we should know the exact size, color, style, layout and special requirements.
  2. Draw 3D design based on design details. Our designer will fully obey the rules when design and show all the efforts with brand logo
  3. Check the design and modify it. When there is small changes, please let us know as soon as possible, we will modify in time. It also can save our time and energy to reach to the final design.
  4. Confirm design and production. If the design is the one you want, we can note all the details, including size, material, color, etc. and send all the drawings for your approval. And production the kiosk.

Production details

The production should follow on the confirmed drawing. Therefore, when the drawing is finished, we need to check all the details carefully. Then we can received the right beverage display showcase finally. Some real photos from our work shop for your reference. We will keep our customers informed every parts of the production details.

coffee kiosk production

If you like this style and want a new design, please contact us soon. We are here and looking to hearing from you. Thank you

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