Multi-useful Food Kiosk with Unique Design for Food Business Sale

This is a new style design in 2022, it is a food kiosk, and you can use it to sell two products. One is bread or other food, another is bubble tea.  This is a hot-selling kiosk, if you want open a mixed business, maybe you can refer to this style kiosk.

The introduction of this food kiosk

This kiosk is a wooden color style and has glass baffle. We design one door for the entrance. The bubble tea area has a juice machine and a cashier slot and a glass cabinet area. In the glass cabinet, you can put some baked food. In addition,  we can see a high wooden board, it is an image show area, you can see the poster and logo on it. On the back side, we can see a big bakery machine and a water sink on the countertop. The whole layout is not complex, we designed it according to the client’s requirements.

bread kiosk

Material introduction

The basic material of this food kiosk is plywood, to make the counter body and laminate fireproof board on the surface. The skirting is made up of stainless steel. The countertop is a man-made stone, it is easy to clean and smooth.

bread kiosk The production process of this food kiosk

We first prepare materials and make the wooden counter according to construction drawings. During this process, we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then, start to Laminate fire-proof board on the surface. Thirdly, install various accessories, light strips, and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the whole effect.

Order process

If you also like the design, send us an inquiry. you need a new design. Our design charge a design fee, we will make PI for you after you pay and quote you the price.


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