Creative Style Food Kiosk for Trade Show and Salefood kiosk

Many brands and retailers need to hold a trade show to improve their popularity and influence. This is a food trade dispaly. And has counters on the back and front side. The front side is like a chicken, you can make food on it. The trade show effect is to show people the food-making process. That makes it!

food kiosk

Specification of this food kiosk

The front side has a cooktop with many tools on it. We can also see the apron shape board with a lighted logo. The back side counter hang on two pots and pans. We can see the wood strip with drawings. And the material is plywood and laminate fire-proof board on the surface, which is safe for use in the Mall.

The backside has seat and the same logo, you can see a table. It is about a catering area. people can sit here to eat your food. As for the floor, we also design red wood material, which has a consistent effect. You can see the delicious food poster on the top. It is the most attractive place,  and customers can spot it quickly.


food kiosk

More details of this food trade show booth

We main custom-make retail counters and kiosks, so this food booth only includes the counter body and top. The machine, table, chairs and other tools we don’t make. You need to buy it by yourself, but you can also tell us to help you buy it and we will send it to you with the kiosk together.

Production of the food kiosk

We first prepare materials and make the wooden counter according to construction drawings. During this process, we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then, start to polish to make the whole surface smoother. After polishing, we will spray the primer paint, and then bake the paint. After the paint dries, install the accessories, light strips, and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the whole effect.



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