Attractive Outdoor Cake Kiosk with 3d Design for Food Sale

We are a custom design and manufacturing kiosk factory. We have customized many retail kiosks for customers before. The following outdoor food kiosk is for your reference. If you have a preferred style, we can also custom-make it for you.

cake kiosk

About the order process

First, you send your preferred style and tell us relevant information about the kiosk, including size, and logo. You know that customized products can not have existing goods. And you need to pay the design fee. But the design fee will be refunded after you place an order. After the design is finished, we will send you a 3d vision photo and construction drawing. Second, we arrange production after you pay the 50% deposit. Finally, we start to ship if you pay the balance.

cake kiosk

The introduction of the kiosk

It’s appearance is yellow and wooden strip style. We can see the the glass conbinet in the middle, which has several layers  stainless steel to put foods. The skirting area is black plywood. Of course, the basic materail of the food kiosk is plywood and laminate. What’s more, this kiosk has a yellow and white strip top to avoid sun and rain when you are in use. At the interior, is has working counter and a cashier counter. In addition, we also install the water sink at the workinga area. You can make food at there. Last but not least, at the back side of this cake kiosk, you can see the image counter with big poster and menu.

cake kiosk

The production process

We first prepare materials, and make the wooden counter according to construction drawings. During this process,we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then, start to Laminate fire board on the surface. Thirdly, install various accessories, light strips and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the  whole effect.




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