Wooden Style Food Kiosk Specialty Station with a Big Space for Sale

The best thing is that you sit in an elegant place to enjoy your tasty food with friends in your spare time. However, the important thing is to find a relaxing food shop or stand. So it is a business chance to open an elegant shop to attract these people in need.  In the next, I will introduce a unique style kiosk to kiosk

The whole style of this food kiosk

This is a unique tone kiosk and has a big space. It not only has a top but also has chairs.  In addition, all of the counters are wood material. We can see the food kiosk includes a bar counter for catering and a cashier counter for customers to order dishes. What’s more, it has a working counter and many machines on the countertop. People can see the process of food making, which can help you increase the number of customers.

food kiosk


First, the basic material is plywood and finishes laminate. Second, other accessories include socket, sink, hardware, etc. Third, led light and lighted logo. Finally, all the materials can be used based on your needs, and the size and logo are also customized.

food kiosk

The order process

After you confirm the style first and you pay the design fee, we start to design. Next, we arrange manufacture if you pay the 50% deposit. Finally, we will arrange the shipment after you pay the balance.  We are a custom design and manufacturing kiosk factory and can custom any styles as your needs.  If you have the preferred style, you can send it to us.

You can contact us in these ways if you have interest

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