The modern nail kiosk in the mall is very popular. We all know the hand is our second face, a beautiful hand can attract much attention. So many people want to beauty their hands and catch a good feeling. We know that many customers from women and nail solon are very formal in the mall or street. You can see many people who do the nail, like students, office ladies, and housewives. they also have beautiful nails. In general, Products with women as the main consumer group will be very popular. So the Beauty Nail is a good choice for your business.

Modern Nail Kiosk Design Idea

The modern nail kiosk I will introduce today is designed according to the ideas of our customers from Saudi Arabia. The customer’s request is to have privacy. Therefore, the wall of the place where we work needs to be higher, so that people outside cannot see the situation inside. Due to size restrictions, our modern nail kiosk is 2x3m, and we can only put two seating areas in it. For the nail kiosk, the sink is very necessary, so we will also add a sink cabinet and a cash register to it. Another important store is the display of nail polish. We usually make some glass display cabinets on the wall, which can be used as decoration. Secondly, our customers can know what we do when they see our products. We can see from the design drawing that it has an inverted triangle glass display. It also looks very beautiful.

The color of this kiosk is chosen by our customers because this color is difficult to match, but our customers need it to look advanced. So we designed some mirror stainless steel strips on the exterior of the kiosk. Mirror stainless steel looks very clean, it looks very metallic. It also feels more modern. But if only stainless steel bars are available, it is not enough. We can add some slogans related to our business.

modern nail kiosk

Material Introduction

MDF: MDF is medium density fiberboard, it is the common basic material use in the nail kiosk. This MDF is the basic material of our entire kiosk. During production, we will first use MDF to make the wooden cabinet.

Baking paint: This is the surface finish. Our paint has two surface effects, one is bright paint and the other is matt paint. The use of bright paint is relatively extensive. Because it looks shinier, we can see our figure on the surface.

Stainless steel: There are two types of stainless steel in this kiosk. The decorative strip on the outer wall is mirror stainless steel. The stainless steel at the skirting is brushed stainless steel. Our skirting stainless steel can well prevent the penetration of external water. As to protect our kiosk.

Tempered glass:Tempered glass is displayed with nail polish on the outside, we use glass doors, and we will install locks on the glass doors. It is very safe.

Ceramic sink:When doing nail art for clients or finishing work, we all need water to wash our hands. So the sink is very necessary. For the sink of the nail kiosk, we can choose a more beautiful one. Our kiosk is a ceramic sink. It looks very beautiful and is very common in spa shops or beauty shops.

Acrylic: Acrylic is the main material for slogans and logos. The slogan on our kiosk is made of acrylic. The color can be freely chosen.

LED light:The light strips of this kiosk appear in two places, one is the top of the glass display, and the other is the inside of the lightbox. In general, we will add light strips to the display, so that our customers can see our products more clearly. The lightbox can display posters of our business or our menu. The replacement of the poster is also very simple. We only need to lift the lightbox up to take it out.

Below is the material list of modern nail kiosk:

kiosk material

kiosk lightbox


Do you like this modern nail kiosk? We are a custom company if you like this kiosk but you have a different size, it is ok. We can design a similar one according to your size and your requirements. You can just tell me all your ideas. Our designer will design the mall kiosk you want. Any changes can be discussed with us.

Order Process

Our kiosk is generally used in malls, and we will get a location given by a mall. Sometimes we cannot determine the size of our location, so this will cause the kiosk we like to be inconsistent with the size of the location we get. At this time, we need to design a kiosk that matches our mall location. Because the mall will also require us to submit a kiosk design for their review. So, when you sign a contract with your mall, the first thing we need to do is make a kiosk 3D design.

  1. 3D kiosk design: This design is made according to your mall location and your requirements. You can send it to the mall for approval. Our kiosk design cost is 300USD, it includes 3D design and the construction drawings. When we placing an order, it will be returned to you.
  2. Production: When our design passes the review of the mall, we will start production. Our production time is 28 working days. During the production, we will send you the pictures, you can check the production progress.
  3. Transportation: After the production is completed, we will pack the goods and ship them to your port or designated address. When the goods are about to arrive at the port, someone will inform you to pick up the goods and the required procedures.

How to install the modern nail kiosk?

Our kiosk is relatively simple, what we need to install is its outer wall. First, we need to put them together according to the position of the design drawing, connect the plugs under them, and then fix them with screws. We can put the workbench, sink cabinet, and cash register directly in. We put the main switch and power supply in the cash register, you need to connect it to the mall power supply.

What are the payment terms?

When we confirm the design and construction drawings, you can pay a 50% order deposit. Then we will start production. And 50% balance payment before shipment. We can send you the kiosk invoice, it includes all the terms and payment method.

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