Modern cell phone store design with retail display fixtures for sale

Unique as a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customized different types of mall retail phone kiosk. And cell phone accessories display counter, phone repair deck and more. In this article what I wanna introduce is a very popular cell phone store design. If you’re interested to start your own phone store,  also can check more details on our cell phone store fixtures design.

phone store

As you see the whole store mainly tone is white, match a little black, brown wood grain floor.  it can for selling a mobile phone, phone case, phone accessories, also provide phone repair service. the whole store is not very bigger, but very exquisite and tidy. the three sides wall part put some 2m high display wall. with Aluminum groove plate, the bottom is a wooden cabinet for storage.

In the middle of this store is some “U” shape table, for put mobile phone. the back sides are a decoration wall with logo, next to is a small reception counter. you will notice the store selling with many spotlight and decoration light, very bright and attractive.

Basic information about this phone store:

      Size: 30sqm or customized.

      Color: white, black or others.

      Material: MDF, Tempered glass.

      Service: cell phone, phone accessories.

      Accessories: led light, acrylic logo.

      Design: 3d max and CAD drawings.

      Delivery: 20-22 work days.

phone store

We are professional mobile phone store manufacturer and have an excellent design team, we can create new 3d designs based on your requirements. We provide you with professional 3d design, not a sketch, you can confirm all the details including the shop effect. And our factory has many skilled workers who strictly control the quality of products. When you check the final design, you need to pay a 50% deposit and then we arrange production.

About the time

We recommend leaving 3 months to complete this project. We have 3 time periods: the design time takes 5-7 working days, during which we need to make changes and confirm the details. Our production time will takes 2o-22 work days, depending on the quantityt of furniture you need, because all our furniture is handmade to ensure quality. The shipping time is about one month, the exact time is based on your country and port. You can tell me the port closest to you so we can check the time and cost for you. If you want other shipping methods, we will find the most suitable shipping method according to your detailed address.

About packing

In order to ensure that the goods are in good condition, we will use two packaging methods. The inner packaging uses EPE foam and film. We will use EPE foam to wrap the corners of the furniture. Then wrap it in film. Finally, put the packed furniture into the wooden case, and finally seal the case with nails.

Do you like this the store-style and color collocation? if you are interested to build your phone store or other business,  pls not hesitate to contact us now. We have our professional design team can help you make a unique design. Of course, if you have ideas and have own design. We also glad to give you some suggestions and help you production it. Look forward to furthering cooperation. 


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