Are you looking for cell phone store fixtures design for the screen repair shop? Here below are  8 different views of a cell phone retail store that you may like.  With a square shop, you can arrange 3 sidewall display cabinets with shelves & racks. Those display cabinets can be used for cell phone accessories display. While in the middle some island retail counter. you can display some promote products.

An experience table is necessary for a cell phone store.  mobile phone repair counter and cash counter can be arranged backwards. When you ready to start a store design. a well-arranged floor plan is very important.

Unique Kiosk is best to store fixture manufacturer in China. we started to design and build a cell phone store fixture early since the cell phone come to the market. If you need a custom cell phone design with affordable price display fixtures. Unique will be your best choice.

We based in Shenzhen , the most advanced city in China. While the labor and material cost is comparatively lower a lot. So we can ensure you a high quality display fixture with a remarkable retail counter.


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