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Hello, everyone. I know the situation is very serious in every country now, because of the coronavirus. Many people have to shut down their business, and everything has become slow. But I believe it will be over soon. Then it is time for everything to come back to life. The network is very developed, even in such a tense time, many people are very calm about the future.

There are a lot of people who plan to start a new store and then stop because of the virus. But some people just keep on arranging everything. They know they will go back when the virus is over, the demand from customers will increase, and they have to be prepare. When things get back to normal, they can take their time and greet all customers. They will contact the supplier who designs the shop and provide the furniture.

So we can design the new store first. We know that it takes time to design, and it takes time to modify and confirm the design. Plus production and transportation, it will take about two months. In the meantime, the virus may have been contained. By the time you get the goods, everything is just right. So if you want to make your shop, you can do it right now. Let’s take this mobile phone store as an example.

3D cellphone shop design from our company:

The mobile phone is a very hot industry. More and more people are going to the mobile phone industry. The mobile phone demand is big, the function is much. What comes along with mobile phones is all sorts of mobile phone accessories, as well as repair mobile phones. So you can see many mobile phone stores, whether in the street or in the shopping malls.

If you happen to have a shop and want some new mobile phone display furniture. We can make the 3d design for you according to your shop size. Like the above 3D design pictures. It will according to your mobile phone store floor plan and your requirements to design the display furniture. Design their position and shape. You can see your whole shop very clearly. You can know in advance how the furniture looks in your store, and if it doesn’t fit, we will modify it.

Description of the mobile phone store:

This cell phone store mainly for display the cell phone, mobile phone cases, iPad cases, or other mobile phone accessories. All the cabinets will have the wooden shelves, 8mm tempered glass cabinet doors and Led strip lights. We can also customize your brand logo on it. The size of each wall display shelves is about 1200x350x2000mm or 1500x350x2000mm. The size of the cell phone cases display cabinets both can customize so any size is ok. Meanwhile, for the display showcase color, if you don’t like the black color, we can customize a new one for you with any color as you like.

We will send the pantone color for you to check, you can choose from it and let us know the pantone number. Before we start the painting job, we will double check with you. After we finish the display showcase, our sales team will send the pictures and videos for you to check. We will arrange everything for you, you can assure you will get what you want.

The installation of the store display showcase:

We will install the wires for each cell phone store display cabinets. When you receive the mobile phone shop display showcase, you need to connect the wires to your shop power supply then the display stand will going on. You can choose each showcase come out a main electric line or use male and female connectors. The glass and Led strip light, the wires and sockets, we will install in our factory.

We are a company that provides design services for customized furniture. If you need anything, you can come to us anytime and we will give you any help. You can contact us for more details. Because we need to combine your store situation and your requirements, then we can give you advice.

If you want to see more cell phone store display furniture, please clink the below link or contact us for more 3d design. Thank you.

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