What’s up my friends? Welcome to our website. Here you can see many products related to your business. As we all know, cell phone business is very wide. It has many brands, different brands have countless branches in the country. But the accessories store can be not a brand, it can sell anything related to the phone, such as the phone card charging cable or earphone. In this way, the number of cellphone store is really too many to count. They have countless styles, but the furniture inside is almost the same. Today I would introduce you to cellphone accessories furniture.

This furniture always against the wall. They mainly put cellphone accessories. They can display cables or phone cases and phone cards. You can put all products you have. You can make a category in the “logo”. Write down the product you want to show. You can decide on this furniture size and color. We can refer to your shop floor plan then design this furniture shape or size or quantity. A wall cabinet is essential for a mobile phone store. But small cabinets are also in high demand, such as cash register, cellphone repair counter or glass showcase display mobile phones.


We can see their real pictures are better than the 3D design. We will install light strips in all cabinets to provide adequate lighting. That furniture is according to our customer’s store floor plan and his requirements to design it. According to the size of his store to draw him the appropriate size and the number of cabinets needed. The color of the cabinets can match the color of his logo. This furniture made of MDF( Medium Density Fiberboard ), the surface finish is baking paint. Size, color, and shape can be adjusted. Prices vary with different sizes and types.

If you have a new store or you want to change the old cellphone accessories furniture to new, we can design your store first. We have more than 10 years of working experience. I am sure you can get what you want here. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you want to see more design, please click→ More

Cathy Zhang

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