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Nowadays, more and more people like to use mobile phones, especially young people prefer to use different models of mobile phones than old people. There are many mobile phone brands, and there are more and more mobile phone models. Because of this, people have more choices. Because of the replacement of mobile phones and people’s needs, there are more and more mobile phone shops. But the decoration style of mobile phone stores also affects sales to a certain extent.

mobile phoneAbout mobile phone:

When you go to a shopping mall, you will easily found almost every mobile phone shop decoration style is very modern. Compare to putting many furnitures as before, now many phone shops will prefer a very comfortable and spacious style. You will see many phone shops only have wall displays, and few experience tables in the middle, that’s because people prefer very comfortable shop, if your shop is very narrow, people will not glad to go inside. Nowadays more and more people like to use different phones. The phone have become more and more populer.

Today I wanna share you a modern mobile phone shop with you:

When first eye I saw this mobile phone shop design, I feel it is very modern and looks very comfortable. The color of this mobile phone shop is very simple and comfortable. The floor is made of solid wood. The wall is white as the background color. Some solid wood is used for embellishment. On the walls on both sides are set up display showcases for placing mobile phones and display showcases for placing mobile phone accessories. In the middle part, there is also a white showcase to display the most advanced mobile phones and give you a hands-on experience. What is more, there is also a cashier reception desk in the store, and a light box is hung on the wall to put promotional posters. The design of the whole shop is very comfortable and modern. And whole shop layout is very spacious. Say it modern mainly because color match and cash area design . You see the cashier area and back feature wall, unique modeling add nice led light makes them looks special.

mobile phone shop mobile phone shop

How to make this phone shop design?

If you also want to design a phone shop. Our company (Shenzhen Unique Furniture Limited) can help you. We have a professional design team and a professional serives team. But you need to prepare something about it.

First: You need to check how big your shop. You must tell us your size about your shop. If you have a floor plan for your shop will be better. Then we can see how your shop layout, then can arrange the furniture layout to match your shop.

Second: You need check if you have a shop style or idea you like, we did many phone shops, can share you some for choice. then we can discuss together to have a general idea for your needs.

Finally: Our design team will create 3D design send you to check. If you feel any places not good can tell us, we can modify for you.

All in all, if you want to have your own business in this field. Our company is the best choice for you and we can help you. The products of our company have high qulity and best service. Our company is a world advanced company with superior technology. We will try our best to let you feel satisfied. All you need,we will to do it well.


Don’t hesitate anymore, if you have needs, feel free to contact us!

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