Blue and white colors phone store design cellphone kiosk for sale

Mobile phones are a must-have product for modern people. The market demand is large. And opening mobile phone stores are now the most profitable business. 

1.The decoration color should be bright.

Generally speaking, the indoor lighting of mobile phone stores can directly affect the atmosphere in the store. The intensity of the lighting in the store should make consumers think that it is easy and bright, not too bright, not too dark. Too bright to think that glare, people cannot accommodate, too dark People think that it is depressed and low.

The lighting in the store is not only able to illuminate the atmosphere of the firm, sag display products, enhance the results of the furnishings. But also improve the rest of the salesperson and improve the rest. The effective application of color has a universal meaning. Color and condition, and the matching with the product can have a significant impact on the customer’s shopping mind.

2. To pay attention to the store door design.

The design of the small mobile phone shop needs to pay attention to the door design of the store. The signboard of the store is the first impression that the customer enters your store. The signboard at the door must be atmospheric and the color should be bright.

3. To pay attention to wall design.

The design of the wall in the small mobile phone shop is mainly reflected in the choice of decorative style and color. Such as the decorative material of the wall, the light, and dark color. Also the choice of decoration style and color, the overall theme style is highlighted, and the wall surface. It is a relatively intuitive display surface in the mobile phone shop. Combined with the background image of the lighted box and the decoration design of the cabinet. The product information of the store can be transmitted to the customer very efficiently. And the customer can quickly understand the elements in the store.

How to start the cellphone store design?

Choose the favorite design you like and let us know your requirements.

For the store design, we will charge a 500-800$ design deposit, but it will return to you when order.

Please send us your floor plan of store and logo, etc.

We will send the 3 D design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.After confirming the design, we will make a construction drawing for you. Let you check everything is good.

Finally, we will start production according to the construction drawing. It should be noted that once production starts, we do not allow any modifications, so be careful when you confirm the design and construction drawings.

Our service

We are directly custom factory, can offer you competitive prices and high-quality cell phone shop furniture. And we had supported many new businesses of furniture products to USA, UK, CA, etc.

All of our designs are based on commercial use. When you tell us the requirements of your store, we can make a new design according to the style you like. We will confirm the design with you, including modification, to ensure that our design can meet your ideal shop.

Our factory has a number of skilled workers, will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. We ensure that the goods you receive will be exactly the same as the design you have confirmed. We use high standards of materials and provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

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