Mobile mobile phone store furniture custom wooden display cabinet

Hi, what brand of mobile phone do you use? This is the electronic age, and everyone cannot live without their mobile phone. We use mobile phones to keep up with the latest news, learn more knowledge, contact relatives and friends and pass the time. The mobile phone has become one of the most important things we do in life. With mobile phones, our life will become very convenient. When we go shopping, we can use a mobile phone to take transportation and pay, we don’t need a wallet. When you don’t want to go out, just place an order on your phone and the supplies you need will be delivered to your door within an hour.

Big demand for the mobile phone shop:

Now people’s demand for mobile phones is only increasing, and there are more and more mobile phone stores. The style of each brand store is different according to the owner’s or brand’s preferences. We can see that many stores involve a wide range of businesses. Some sell only mobile phones, while one sells not only mobile phones but also mobile phone accessories and repairs. But either way, they are in great demand. So many people will choose to open a mobile phone shop. Are you interested in it? For a mobile phone store, the most important thing is the furniture. Now let’s look at this mobile phone store furniture.

3D customize mobile phone store design:

The decoration wall of the cell phone shop is very modern and technological. Behind the cashier counter the decoration wall is blue color with white Led strip light. And we put the customer’s logo on it. The cashier counter can put two computers for the staff to work. On the wall of the shop, we can put some lighted box for advertising. On the below of the display showcase all has the cabinets for storage.

We can see from the furniture we can see that it mainly sells mobile phone accessories. Such as phone cases or charge cable or headset and small audio. It is common for mobile phone shops to sell other related products. Sometimes we call it a wireless store. The store middle is an “S” shape counter. Mainly for mobile phones or headphones. The wall of two sides is the tall display showcase that shows small fittings. All the wall display cabinets has the white color Led strip lights on the stainless steel toe kick. It makes the whole shop look more bright.

Mobile phone store furniture details

Size: Customize as your shop size.

Material: MDF ( This is a very good wood material for the store display commercial furniture ).

Surface finish: Baking paint ( You can choose any color as you like ).

Logo: 3D acrylic lighted logo, not lighted acrylic logo.

Others: Led strip light, Acrylic logo, stainless steel toe kick, and all the cabinets has the same lock with key.


Contact us for help:

If you want to design your shop or change your furniture, you can tell me about your shop size and your requirements. We have our designer and the factory can help you to do your project. The design time is about 3-5 working days when confirming the design fee. The design fee is 500USD for the shop, when we finish an order, it will be returned to you. And the mobile phone store display furniture price is based on the final design. If you have any questions, please contact our team for more details about the cell phone shop display furnture. Please feel free to email us at sales08@uniquekiosk.com. Thank you very much.


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