2021 modern mobile phone display counter used in retail phone store

Now the use of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, men, women, and children, basically at least one mobile phone, and some even have several sets. The replacement of mobile phones is faster and faster, the functions and styles are more and more complete, and the frequency of people changing mobile phones is gradually accelerated, so the more mobile phone stores are opened. Despite the great impact of e-commerce, mobile phone stores still have many customers. Because mobile phone shops have many mobile phone display counter, allow people to experience mobile phones, there are many additional services, such as accessories, mobile phone recharge, etc.

today I want to share with you a nice modern mobile phone shop:

See this mobile phone store, you can see it mainly used dark blue and black, matched cool white led lights on the ceiling, looks very modern and nice. Different from other shops, this shop ceiling lights used Meteor design, to match the ceiling, the floor also used this kind of idea. The middle is some mobile phone display counter for mobile phones, customers can check and try mobile phones here. Each countertop has a hat with lights, this kind of design makes the display area very bright. Against the wall are phone accessories display.

We design the mobile phone shop according to the customer’s favorite style and requirements. We check every detail of the furniture with the customer to make sure that our design is what the customer wants. If you are also planning to open a new shop or buy furniture, please contact us. Our high-quality products, unique design, patient service will make you satisfied.

some detailed info for this mobile phone shop

1.size:6m by 10m or customize as your shop size

2.color:light blue,white and black.It can support any color you want.

3.materials: black, white, and dark blue baking paint finish, white Corian countertop

4.accessories:3D logos,advertising light boxes,blue led

5.style:modern,fashionable and attractive.

5.production time:20-22 working days.it depends on your furniture quantity.

How to build a new mobile phone shop with you?

We need to do the design first, and that’s the first step to start. We can make the design work according to your shop floor plan and all requirements. Such as color, style, and logo, etc. So that we can show it in 3D design and you can see the whole mobile phone shop effect. Before the design, we need to charge a design deposit of 500-800 USD, which is the symbol of our cooperation and also to ensure that our design can meet your requirements. We will deduct it from the total order cost.

We will send the design to you in 5-7 days. After you confirm the 3D design, we will also make construction drawings for you so that you can check everything is good. You need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production. Once the production starts, no modification is allowed. We will proceed step by step according to the construction drawing strictly. So you need to check the design and construction drawings carefully.

Do you like this mobile phone shop design? if you also want to customize your own shop and have no idea how to do it. Come here! we can help you! you just need to tell us your needs, like your shop size, how to layout, want what kind of style, what color, etc. We will help create the design as your need for you to see the effect.


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