Mobile commercial fast food cart design for sale


Are you looking for an indoor & outdoor fast food cart with a low cost? the Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer we main work on custom and design different type of food carts and food kiosks. in this article what I wanna share is a mobile commercial fast food cart. get more details below.


 You can see the whole cart main tone is brown wood grain, it can locate in the mall or outdoor. can for selling dim sims, pork buns, dumplings, juice, and bakery. The whole cart size is 2m length by 0.6m width, 2.2m height. the basic material is flame retardant board plywood, the surface is black and brown grain fireproof plate. white Corian worktop. 


You will find the whole fast food cart three sides with a platform trap door, it’s very good to expand the display area. the surface of this cart is some black wood strip decoration, looks very nice. the top part of this cart is a wooden roof, the inside of this cart with many cabinets for storage. the bottom of this cart with many wheels. it’s very easy to move the whole cart.


Thanks for your time and reading, if you interested to start your foods business, you can consider starting with a food cart. it’s easy to operate. get more info, pls contact us send an inquiry here!


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