Food Cart is a smaller food kiosk that used a display for fast food.  Here is a nice design of King Food Traditional Chinese style food carts. This Japanese elements food carts can be used for sushi, crepes, or fast food for indoor. The material used in manufacturing this food carts for plywood with lamination finish. All the round corners are built with the 2pac finish.

chinese style food carts

Unique Kiosk is a professional food carts designer & suppliers. We custom all types of food kiosk ,food carts, concesion stands, display counter for hot food and mobile food business. If you are looking for an affordable cost food kiosk or portable food carts . Unique can offer the best service for you.

Since 2002, we have been designing & build food carts for many years. we have accomplished hundreds of different brands with successfully display food carts. Whether you need a Chinese style cart or Japanese food stand. Even Hawaii style food counter. You can find as much design as u need here.

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