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Portable fast food cart vending for sale:  Unique-Kiosk design and manufactures mobile vending carts for indoor and outdoor.  Our vending carts are commercially designed with all customized features, Self-contained sinks and plumbing system available too. We use stainless steel and aluminum build the frame of carts which will keep the food safe , While in a cool and nice looking cart. Even more ,if you want to add some stickers or printing to advertising your brand, we can also customize it.

Fast food carts character and price cost

Our fast food carts are quite different from food trucks or food kiosks. A food cart is comparatively smaller food shop, As it’s for food service, Our mobile food carts for sale and concession units and food stand vendors will reflect your business desires and styling. If you need bigger size food carts you can go to check our outdoor kiosk design, if you need a bigger indoor food cart you can click food kiosk.

With growing business trend is that of larger, easy shipping, stainless steel cart, and kiosks. Unique-Kiosk can also provide multi-function carts and kiosks for your business. These units allow you to be highly mobile in your search for customers. What’s more, You can use this modular food cart connect together and build a mobile bigger kiosk or shop. Our portable cart or kiosk concept can promote your brand and business in a more dramatic way than traditional methods.

FYI, our Production time to design and manufacture fast food carts and vendor units will take 20-30 days depending on your needs.You can check blow our best food cart price costs and unique vending cart design.

We are selling this mobile coffee cart – it is fully operational and locks down securely.

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